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Battery Repair and Replacment

Top down view of a car battery

Batteries are a very important part of your vehicle and interact with other computer systems.

Years ago, when a battery failed, you usually realized it when the vehicle didn’t start. You replaced it, reset the clock and you were back on the road. Today we see cars come into our shop with symptoms of stalling, check engine lights, memory loss, and anti-theft no-start problems - all which have a relationship to a weak car battery.

When you get in your car and start the engine, the starter motor puts a huge load on the electrical system. Even though the car may sound normal as it starts, it’s that load of the starter that can make the system voltage drop well below normal if the battery is getting weak. The low voltage is what causes issues with the many computers and modules that depend on a stable voltage. Because of this, we recommend replacing your car’s battery as a preventative maintenance measure, more than ever before.

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